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66001 Lead Compensator
* Provides lead compensation of up to 25 Ω * Voltage Rating to 1000V DC * Effect for Resistance Ratios up to 15:1 * Null capability on Potential terminals to less than 1μV * Re-settable compensation dial Guildline 66001 Lead Compensator is useful performing 4- Terminal measurements in High Ohms or 2-Terminal modes of the 6675A and the 9975 Current Comparator Bridges. The compensator is placed between the high voltage terminal, either external or internal, and the terminals on the high sides of the resistors to be measured or the output leads of the high side of a scanner. A sensitive, (±0.001 mV) DVM or null indicator is used to set the lead compensation 10-turn potentiometer for a null between the potential points, as the compensator end, of the two resistors or the scanner output. This will ensure that a 4-terminal arrangement is maintained as long as the low sides of the resistors are connected at the bridge current and potential terminals. Lead compensation is essential when performing measurements in High-Ohms mode below 10M Ohms especially if a scanner is used with 10 to 1 ratios. 10 to 1 ratio measurements can all be performed with one setting of the compensator and 1 to 1 ratios can be performed with a different setting.
 Environment: Operation
18 0 C to 28 0 C
15-70% RH non-condensing
 Environment: Storage
-20 0 C to 70 0 C 5-90%RH
H 88mm (3.5in) W 124 mm (4.9in)
D 79mm (3.1in)
0.6kg (1.3lbs)
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