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T600 Thermocouple Thermometer “RiXEN”
Features * Auto-ranging with 0.1 / 1 resolution * Functions : REL,Hold,Max,Min.,Avg Timer * Built-in RS-232C serial interface
* Self-diagnostics show : Low battery, open Tcs, * Temperature over-rang, Internal hardware faults ..Readmore..
T60 Thermocouple Thermometer “RiXEN”
Features * Data-Hold function. Records Max. Min. Values * Automatic/Manual power shut off function * Self-diagnostics (Alarm):
Low battery, Open Tcs, over range and Internal hardware faults. * Rugged, drop-proof, dust-proof operating Panel and case ..Readmore..
Moisture Meter(LED Type) M70-L
Measuring the moisture of woo, bamboo, building materials and apply to a reference value to a moisture content of Paper, ;eather,
cloth, ceramic powder, cement, food, medication. ..Readmore..
Moisture Meter (Digital Type) M70-D
-Digital LCD display eith luminescence bacl-light -Aesthetics protection cap for safe carrying and operating -Harden and gloss
treatment on display-window for abrasion-prof and long-term clean -5.5% to 99.9% moisture range. with DC 0~1v output -stores up to 99
readings, Max/Min. Averange values recalled -Auto temperature compensation and internal calibration -Auto power off and low b ..Readmore..
Moisture Meter(Digital type) M700
The Moisture Meter(Digital type) M700 is the complete instrument for measuring moisture levels in materials. The meter is used all over
the wood, constrction and furniture industries. Based microprocessor circuit design, and built-in multi-functions. The user can be
switc hes the \\\"MODE\\\" function according differnt type of wood, which can get more accurate reading. The \\\"REC\\\"
TH-380 Thermo Hyfrometer
High accurate, Fast respone. Simultaneous indication Temp. and RH. DATA-HOLD function. °C / °F Switchable. Memory storage of
MIN, MAX values. Auto / Manual Power-Off selective. Interchangeable probe with connectors. Compact, Light weight and simple operation. ..Readmore..
TH-33 Thermo-Dewpoint Hygrometer
The TH-33 features portability and simplicity one-hand operation. It has a removable, combined temperature and humidity sensor probe to
provide fast response and accurate reading. ..Readmore..
TRH-300 Humidity/Temperature Tranmitter
TRH-300 series transmitters are designed for accurate relative humidity and temperature measurement, their electrical signal outputs
are used for monitoring, control or process application, with curraent or voltage outputs. There are available as wall, duct or
separated mounting version, and housing suitable with Watertight enclosure for wet, harsh environments. ..Readmore..
TR-3 RTD Temperature Transmiter
Easy to mount in any protection head of temperature probe. Fine ZERO and SPAN adjustments enable user to set up 4-20mA output. Hight
accurate, High stability and low cost. ABS construction with watertight enclosure. ..Readmore..
Digital LCD display with Luminescence EL Back-Light, Width measuring range : 0~400,000LUX, Switch able to foot candle(FC) and LUX,
Extra Miniature extension sensor can be used to special industry environment with high practicability, Environment temperature
compensation and external zero adjustment for high accuracy, Ergonomics design, easy operating, comfortable and durable. ..Readmore..
Luxmetric sensor-probe with transmitter to measure illuminance in indoor/outdoor environments. ..Readmore..
Temperature Probes LP Series-1
Extra Heavy Duty Design, Integral high impact thermoplastic handle, All probes are provided with a miniature quick connector, Supplied
with 1 meter (3ft)lead wire or coiled cable extended to approximately 2 meter (6ft), Available in K, J, E, T and RTD calibrations. ..Readmore..
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