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M70L “RiXEN”
Features * High resolution/Multi-colors LED bar graph readout. * 5.5% to 100% moisture range with 0~ 1 Vdc output. * Audible alarm
starts for catching reading. * Audible and flash LED for battery warns. * Built-in auto temperature compensation and calibration
adjustment. * Auto powers off function for save power. * Complete with sturdy and durable moisture probe, 9V battery, pouch c ..Readmore..
M70D “RiXEN”
Features * Digital LCD display with luminescence back-light. * Aesthetics protection cap for safe carrying and operating. * Harden
and gloss treatment on display-window for abrasion-proof and long-term clean. * 5.5% to 99.9% moisture range with DC 0~ 1V
output. * Stores up to 99 readings Max. / Min. average values recalled. * Auto temperature compensation and internal
calibration ..Readmore..
M700 “RiXEN”
Features * High accurate, Auto. Temperature compensated. * Funcion of Auto / Manual Power off and Data-Hold, Records Max / Min
Reading. * According t measuring material Suitable different type of probes. * 8 type of wood calibrations scales, According
different type of wood. * Built-in calibration (CAL) function for checking condition of instrument and adjustable by
potentiometer. ..Readmore..
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