Search the instrument you want to calibrate on our web site. If you cannot find the instrument model, please contact us Tel.02-578-0353-4 Email : sale@cal-laboratory.com
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Service Request

We will confirm the ship-in date after we received the P.O. from customer. Then, the customers have to confirm exact name company, address in service request form for show in calibration certificate to our calibration lab. Please Download Service Request Form (pdf) or Download Service Request Form Online
    In Case Onsite Service : An accurate Dates, Time, Location, list of equipment to be calibrate is required in order for us to send the right procedures, personnel and standards, A Onsite Service Confirm Form is also required. Please Download Onsite Service Confirm Form (pdf) or Download Onsite Service Confirm Form Online



Normally, the estimated working day is 15 days. We will contact the customer when the instrument is ready.
  We offer a "Expedite" service (when we can) of a 2 to 3 day turn around time. The "Expedite" is provided at an additional cost. For Expedite service, Contact Review Confirm form is also required. Please Download Contact Review Confirm Form (pdf) or Download Contact Review Confirm Form Online



We will issue an invoice, and customer needs to settle the payment before we release the instrument.



After confirmation of payment, We can arrange the courier to pick up from our calibration lab.

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